The content of this website is provided in good faith by Broughty Ferry Environmental Project through the Stride initiative to help people enjoy active travel - walking, cycling, running, the use of public transport, and lift sharing - for the benefits stated on the website.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and advice provided is correct and appropriate for the general public in taking part in active travel. 

Care has been taken to ensure that the calculations provided by the website for calories burned and CO2 saved are reasonably accurate, but it is not possible to give precisely accurate calculations to cover all individual circumstances, levels of fitness, and conditions of weather and terrain, etc.

Neither the Broughty Ferry Environmental Project nor any of its employees or agents, or partners or volunteers involved in working on the Stride initiative, can be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or ill-health  sustained by anyone whilst undertaking, or following, exercise, lift sharing, or the use of public transport.

If anyone is unsure about their health or their fitness to undertake exercise as described on this website, they should seek advice from a medical practitioner before starting such exercise.

Exercise can only help people to loose weight in conjunction with dietary control.



Winter evening, Broughty Ferry beach; Reres Hill after a sudden snowfall


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